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Campus Smiles Dentistry

Quality Dentistry, Provided by Professionals,
on Your Campus


For quality dental care at your university, you can count on Campus Smiles.

We're located directly on university campuses in a location that is convenient for patients to visit. We are proud to utilize the latest in technology to maintain our patients' oral health and provide dental treatment across the nation. Each member of our staff, including our doctors, stays up to date on their trainings to ensure that they can provide the best care possible.

In addition to treatment, we are also excited to provide education for our patients. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That means that knowing how to properly take care of your teeth and gums is worth much more than receiving any kind of treatment for dental issues. We are happy to answer questions about the best methods for cleaning teeth or about oral care in general.

When a patient visit our offices, we want to ensure that they have a good experience. We understand that visiting the dentist can be a nerve-wracking experience for some patients, and we try to ease that anxiety as best we can. In addition, to make the payment process go as smoothly as possible, we accept a variety of forms of payment, including most major credit cards, cash, check, and dental insurance.

For a great dental experience at your campus, visit Campus Smiles.

What Sets Us Apart

We Understand Universities

Campus Smiles has established itself as a trailblazer in campus affiliated dental programs.

Specific Dental Services

A key driver for patients using the dental office remains convenience and comprehensive care. At Campus Smiles our dentists provide full preventative, basic and major dental treatments. 

Fees and Pricing to the University

The full dental program can be implemented and operated at no cost to the university. 

What Sets Us Apart

The Campus Smiles Approach to University Solutions





State-Of-The-Art Techonology

Personalized Offices

University Solutions

We Understand Universities

We developed the first Campus Smiles office of its kind for a major tier-one university and we continue to lead the charge with programs in campuses across America. 


This program has now distinguished itself throughout the country as a landmark model for cooperative partnerships with universities. Our experience serves as the foundation for building a solution that speaks directly to the goals, objectives and culture of major universities. 

We are proud to have brought this platform to market and we are committed to the ongoing customization of these services for each client.

The dental provider’s expertise in all forms of general dentistry has specific implications for our onsite office. 

A key driver for patients using the dental office remains convenience and comprehensive care. At the Campus Smiles office our dentists provide full preventative, basic and major dental treatments. 


These treatments can also include orthodontics, endodontics, oral surgery and other specialties.  Our patients can have all their dental needs met through the quality and convenient onsite dental office.

The full dental program can be implemented and operated at no cost to the University. 

More specifically, the Campus Smiles dental office is designed as an in-network provider with the insurance carried by the university’s faculty, staff and students. 


Therefore, individuals with insurance can rest assured that it will be accepted and processed just like any other dental office.

Fees and Pricing to the university

How can we help you?

Time for a checkup

We've got you covered with x-rays, teeth cleaning, painless oral exams and an oral cancer screening.

Improve my smile

We will help you find your perfect smile with our high-tech options such as Invisalign and professional teeth whitening.

Fix damaged teeth

We provide resorative dental care from fillings, crowns, to root canals and more.

University Solutions
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Comprehensive Dental Services on Campus

Dental Solutions For Universities

Total health and dental care costs remain a complex problem overwhelming both patients and healthcare workers.

For years dentistry has been recognized as an essential health service, yet delivering quality dentistry to the campus environment has been difficult to master in a manner that is widely celebrated by all partners.

Campus Smiles jumped into the marketplace to provide trusted dental expertise to the complex realm of healthcare. We exist to support the efforts of planning and promoting those who are committed to ensuring complete and optimal population health results. From implementation, to oversight, to tracking and quality assurance – our methodical approach ensures net savings without dramatic up-front or ongoing costs.

Quality Dentistry Without Compromise

We use very specific internal and external accountability measures directed at population health and productivity that results in a way that traditional fee-for-service dentistry models misses.

Our initiative has become known across the country as a groundbreaking paradigm for university-industry collaboration. Our knowledge serves as the foundation for developing a solution that directly addresses the goals, mission and culture of each university.

College Friends


The professionals out of this office are phenomenal. They're always friendly and provide great dental services. Absolutely recommend to all people who are considering this location for dental services.

Alexander R.

This is the best place to get your smile back! Hands down to everyone who works in this dental office. They are very professional, attentive, dedicated, caring and friendly with their patients.

Carolina A.

All of the staff is extremely friendly, they make you feel so comfortable and welcomed. That takes the anxiety out of going to the dentist. So excited that I tried the Dental Office on campus, I am a regular now!

Kandy W.

Want a Campus Smiles Dental Office at your university

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