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Frequently Asked Questions


How far in advance do I need to request an appointment?

The farther you schedule in advance the better. However, we do our best to see our patients as soon as we are able and can typically see you within a week of your request. We do accept walk-ins, but highly recommend scheduling an appointment in advance.

What if I have an emergency?

If you experience a dental emergency, please notify us immediately by calling our office number. Please note that we do accept calls after our regular business hours. If you reach our voicemail, please leave a message as voicemail is checked regularly. We do our best to see emergency patients within 24 hours of the initial report. In case of a medical emergency, please call 911.

I just want a cleaning; do I need an exam?

For a patient to receive a cleaning, he or she must have completed an exam performed by our dentist within the previous six months. If you are not an established “patient of record” and have never seen one of our dentists, then an exam is required prior to a cleaning.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Scheduling an appointment is easy! Find your nearest Campus Smiles and contact them by phone/email/online booking form.

How do I cancel an appointment?

Cancellation must be done 48 business hours before the appointment time. Please call our office if you need assistance during business hours.


Privacy Policy

Campus Smiles Dental is fully HIPAA-compliant and follows all legal security standards to protect patient information. Campus Smiles considers all personal and medical information obtained through the exchange of records and/or communications as both confidential and private. 

Do you take x-rays?

Yes. We have a low-power digital x-ray system that allows us to see high resolution images in real time.

Who can use your services?

All of our offices are exclusively for university students, faculty, and staff EXCEPT for University of Houston office and University of North Texas office, which are open to the public as well.

What services are offered?

We are a full-service dental practice. Our experienced dentists provide all preventive and general restorative dental procedures including, but not limited to:
- Preventive exams, X-rays, and hygiene 
- Restorative services (e.g. crowns and fillings)
- Endondontic services (e.g. root canals)
- Periodontal services (e.g. gum treatments)
- Invisalign (e.g. invisible, removable orthodontics)
- Cosmetic dentistry (e.g. advanced teeth whitening, veneers)
- Oral cancer screenings

Learn more here.

Where is the dental office located?

Visit the the contact section of your selected Campus Smiles Dental Office. Then, towards the bottom there is a map and you'll find directions to the respective dental office. We are generally located inside the university's health center.

What are the hours of operations?

We are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, depending on the office. If you have an emergency or need to make an appointment outside of regular business hours, please call or email the office and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.


Are the dental services free?

No. We are a professional general dentistry office conveniently located on campus at universities across the nation. We are an independent affiliate of the university.

Does the dental office accept insurance?

Yes, we accept all major PPO insurance plans. At this time, unfortunately, we are unable to accept Dental HMOs. If you have questions or are unsure about whether we take your insurance, please call the office and we will be happy to assist you.

If I don't have dental insurance, can I still visit the office?

Absolutely! Individuals without insurance are welcome to use our office. Our team can provide significant discounts to those without insurance. We currently offer the Campus Smiles Dental Membership plan. Say goodbye to hefty dental bills as our membership plan offers access to a wide range of dental services including cleanings, exams, and x-rays, with up to 30% discounts on additional services. We also offer financing through CareCredit® and HFD Healthcare Finance Direct®.

How much is my first visit without insurance?

If you do not have dental insurance, do not worry! We recommend that those without insurance enroll in our preferred exclusive membership plan. With our Campus Smiles Dental Membership plan, your first routine visit may cost as little as $59.75. We understand the possibility of financial constraints, this is why we offer flexible payment options to make it easier to budget for your dental care. 

How much does it cost for a filling? Root canal? Crown? Implant?

It depends on the depth of the decay, which is diagnosed at the first visit exam by our dentist. Every case is different, therefore we cannot give a fixed fee. However, if you're enrolled in the exclusive Campus Smiles Dental Membership plan we can offer up to 30% off additional treatment services. 

How much is a bridge?

If you are a new patient, we would have to do an oral exam by our dentist and take x-rays of your mouth in our office first. Every patient is different, including their bridge, therefore we cannot give a fixed fee. However, if you're enrolled in the exclusive Campus Smiles Dental Membership plan we can offer up to 30% off additional treatment services. 

How much is invisalign?

Please visit our page dedicated to Invisalign. The cost of Invisalign treatment varies if you have dental insurance that generally covers some orthodontic services. The Campus Smile Dental Membership plan does not cover Invisalign. We do however offer financing through CareCredit® and HFD Healthcare Finance Direct®. Please contact the office for more details.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks.


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