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What's more attractive than a white, youthful smile? Yet as adults, our teeth rarely remain as bright as we've like them to without professional assistance. For that reason, help is available at Campus Smiles.

Professional Teeth Whitening On Campus

Teeth whitening performed by a dentist is an effective way to brighten your smile safely. In addition, it is the most affordable cosmetic dental treatment out there. Depending on the bleaching method, whitening results can de be dramatic: for example, professional whitening at Campus Smiles can brighten teeth up to 10 shades whiter in just one hour.

Professional teeth whitening at Campus Smiles works quickly and protects soft tissues and root surfaces better than OTC bleaching products. Having a dental exam before starting any whitening treatment is non-negotiable. This important first step will ensure your staining or discoloration is not the result of an oral health condition.

Caring for Your Newly Whitened Teeth

There are steps you can take to extend your bleaching results. First, keep up your usual brushing and flossing routine every day, and maintain your regular schedule of professional teeth cleanings at Campus Smiles. Avoid heavily pigmented foods and drinks including coffee, tea, and red wine. If you use tobacco products, use your freshly brightened smile as an impetus to drop the habit. A periodic touchup, either at home or at Campus Smiles, can keep your smile bright and beautiful for years.

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